Elena Mayoral

EN-ES Audiovisual and Editorial Translator

About me

Hi there! My name is Elena, I am an English-Spanish Translator and Interpreter and I specialize in Audiovisual and Editorial Translation.


I have a BA on Translation and Interpreting (English-Spanish and French-Spanish) and have completed the professionalizing modules of a Master’s Degree on Audiovisual Translation specialized on subtitling, dubbing, and videogame, software and web localization. Besides this, I am a Sworn Translator and Interpreter and I have finished post-graduate courses on Literary Translation, Comic Book Translation, as well as a Diploma on Conference Interpreting.


I am a freelance translator and work both with direct clients and with agencies, studios, production companies and publishing houses. It’s quite likely that I have translated something you have watched, read or played over the last few years.


I am truly passionate about languages and am always studying and perfecting them. Although I sometimes work with other languages I know, I am really focused on English and Spanish, the ones I am fluent and proficient in and for which I can guarantee top quality. On the Services section of this page you can find out the types of translations I do more frequently. Should you have a different product or hesitate about whether I would translate it, you can get in touch with me via the form in the Contact section or through any of the other enabled methods. I am always happy to listen to or read about new projects!

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These are the types of translations I get asked for more often. However, should you need anything else, just get in touch and I’ll be glad to discuss your project!

Translation for Subtitles and Dubbing

I translate subtitles and also scripts for dubbed movies, series, documentaries, shows, commercials… Usually for VOD platforms or for direct clients.

Videogame Localization

This is what videogame translation is called. I localize for any system, including game consoles, PC and mobile game apps.

App and Web Localization

I translate websites for any kind of company and professionals and the same goes for smartphone applications.

Editorial and Journalistic Translation

Translation of books, essays, short stories, comic books, screenplays, journalistic texts, reports, interviews, presentations, blogs…

Proofreading and QC

I proofread and review already translated texts of any field with a strict Quality Control, for them to be absolutely perfect.

General Translation

I also translate more general texts: marketing, fashion, current events, social networks, brochures, catalogs, tourism…


I do transcripts both in English and Spanish, of any type of video. The most frequent are online training videos, talks and conferences.

Sworn Translation of Academic Texts

As a Sworn Translator and Interpreter, I translate High School or University Diplomas, Academic Certificates and Records, etc.



Videogame Localization (both AAA and indie)

Subtitling for movies and documentaries (ZOO, other agencies).

Journalistic Translations (Hearst Magazines).

Website Translations (Direct clients).



Déjà Vu.


Subtitle Workshop.



BA on Translation and Interpreting of English, Spanish and French.

Ma’s Degree on Audiovisual Translation (mod.)

Literary Translation (C&C).

Comic book Translation (ATRAE).




Medium French.

Medium Italian.

Basic Arabic.

Contact me

Do you need a translation? You may contact me to request any information, a budget or with any query you may have!